Lunch and Learn
Following A very satisfying career in hospitality, a highlight of which including a stint as General Manager of Bewley's Grafton St, Dublin, Colm O’Brien stepped out of the corporate world in 1998 to begin his journey to Business Ownership. With his wife, Aideen and their three (now adult) children, they upped sticks from life in Dublin and moved to Limerick in Ireland’s Midwest to take on a Bewley's Cafe Franchise there.
It all went very well - until a perfect economic storm caused that million-euro business to fail!
However, from there they went on to co-found Carambola, a now €18 million school meals company employing more than 250 staff nationwide.
He is also a Published Author, a Professional Speaker and Emcee, Podcaster, and Coach and has served voluntarily on the Boards of various charities.
Born in 1963, he is excited about the future, having achieved Level 60 in The Game of Life in March 2023.
Colm’s energy, enthusiasm, and general joie de vivre is infectious to all who meet him whether online or in-person.
Ideas Generation Workshop
Ideas are the starting point for development and innovation in your business. But it can be hard to find time to think and come up with new ideas. Join an Ideas Generation Workshop, as part of Local Enterprise Week, where Geraldine Johnston will create that time and space for you to think creatively. Taking place in Ardee, Drogheda and Dundalk, there’s a workshop near you but book early because places are limited.
5 AI Tools that will transform your business in 2024
The session will cover:

· How AI can help your business in 2024 and how you can leverage ChatGPT

· How to use AI tools for competitor analysis, customer profiling, and strategic planning.

· How to create great images using AI.

· How AI can help you create great videos in minutes.

· How to use AI to create targeted Ad campaigns.

· How to use AI to plan and create great SEO and customer-friendly content.
Speed Networking
Meet business professionals outside of your usual circle.

Meet business professionals outside of your usual circle.
90 second pitch
Only 1 person per Company

Event Sponsored by Local Enterprise Office - Louth