Lunch & Learn Series withFortitude Financial Planning

Francis McTaggart, founder and CEO of Fortitude Financial Planning will deliver a talk on Financial Planning for Business Owners. Francis will discuss the recent legislative changes in the industry and its impact on Director Pensions and your financial planning.

Francis will also be a available for private sessions with Millers after the talk for those keen to know about what else they can be doing to plan for their future after their business.

About Fortitude Financial Planning

Lunch & Learn Series withConor O' Boyle Co Founder of Drive Inc

Conor will speak about his journey as Co Founder of Drive Inc, the automotive technology firm that led to him co founding Sweep, Trade Bid & Nevo.

Conor will share his insights that led to Drive Inc being awarded HPSU (High Potential Start Up) status by Enterprise Ireland, as well as going on to raise investment and scaling his business.

About Drive Inc

Lunch & Learn Series withShane Monahan Founder and CEO of Limor

Limor is a new social audio platform that lets you instantly record, edit, share and interact with your voice straight from your phone.

Unlike traditional podcasting, Limor is an interactive social audio experience. They use the power of speech to help you meet new people, broaden your network, find new information and spark real and meaningful audio conversations.

About Limor

Lunch & Learn Series withBrenda Donohoe from Braithwaite

Braithwaite tailored services increase R&D funding, lowers time spent on R&D writing and allows their customers to use their time wisely on their research and innovation.

Braithwaite employ engineers, scientists & developers that consistently uncover areas of missed opportunities and determine possible R&D eligibility for the R&D Tax Credit Claim.


Lunch & Learn Series withSimon Peter Johnston of Amazon AWS Australia

In this Virtual session, Simon Peter will speak about how Amazon AWS are incorporation Machine Learning to drive innovation in their business.

About Amazon AWS Machine Learning

Lunch & Learn Series withMark Farrelly

HBAN is a platform that connects individual angels and syndicates to startups across the island of Ireland.

HBAN host pitch events, giving startups the opportunity to pitch to angels and facilitate similar events for Angel syndicates, clusters and collectives across the Island. HBAN are a non-profit organisation, funded by Enterprise Ireland and Intertrade Ireland.

Join Mark Farrelly of HBAN to find out more on what they look for when investing in startups. Understand what they look for in a pitch deck, what financials are important and what the overall key considerations are for investors.

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Lunch & Learn Series withGreg Fry

Greg Fry is an International Social Media and AI consultant and trainer and the co-founder of a successful Digital Agency called Content Plan.

Greg believes that to make AI work for your business – you must develop a strategic approach and ensure that keep the “human element” at the forefront of everything you do. If done well AI will help you stand out and not blend into the busy Digital landscape.

  • Greg’s sessions are packed with passion and are high-energy affairs. You will not find a more engaging speaker in the Digital space.
  • Greg has worked with many top organisations including: Ulster Bank, Microsoft, Fáilte Ireland, BWG Foods, Abbott Labs, Symantec, and Iriish Life. He has also helped over 500 SMEs and Startups with their Digital Marketing. He has also lectured for top institutions including the Digital Marketing Institute, The UCD Professional Academy and the Digital Skills Academy.

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Lunch & Learn Series withColm O'Brien

Following A very satisfying career in hospitality, a highlight of which including a stint as General Manager of Bewley’s Grafton St, Dublin, Colm O’Brien stepped out of the corporate world in 1998 to begin his journey to Business Ownership. With his wife, Aideen and their three (now adult) children, they upped sticks from life in Dublin and moved to Limerick in Ireland’s Midwest to take on a Bewley’s Cafe Franchise there.
It all went very well – until a perfect economic storm caused that million-euro business to fail!
However, from there they went on to co-found Carambola, a now €18 million school meals company employing more than 250 staff nationwide.
He is also a Published Author, a Professional Speaker and Emcee, Podcaster, and Coach and has served voluntarily on the Boards of various charities.
Born in 1963, he is excited about the future, having achieved Level 60 in The Game of Life in March 2023.
Colm’s energy, enthusiasm, and general joie de vivre is infectious to all who meet him whether online or in-person.

About Carambola

Lunch & Learn Series withEileen Burke

Discover the power of mapping your unique health journey with the Functional Nutrition Timeline and Matrix. This personalised approach highlights the intricate connections between your diet, lifestyle choices, and overall physiological well-being.

By ‘connecting the dots,’ you’ll gain invaluable insights into how everyday habits impact your health. This process not only helps in identifying potential imbalances but also guides the development of tailored strategies to optimise your health goals.

Embrace this transformative tool to navigate your path to optimal wellness, where food and lifestyle are the keys to unlocking your body’s full potential.

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Lunch & Learn Series withEugene Doherty

  • Mortgage Options for First Time Buyers, Movers & Switchers
  • Mortgage Products: Cashback, Green Rate & Switcher offering
  • Mortgage Journey: An overview

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Lunch & Learn Series withConor Sweeney

Find out more about Seedcorn Competition:

  • Support on getting your idea to investment
  • Get your business investor ready with real world experts
  • Get the chance to win a share of €300k prize fund

Apply by Friday, 26 April 2024

Lunch & Learn Series: Aligning Marketing Strategies with Business ObjectivesBridging the Great DivideTamara Howard

– This session, designed for the curious, the sceptics, and the forward-thinkers, promises to unveil the secret sauce to turn your marketing from a cost centre into your biggest asset.
– You’ll leave with a clear, actionable plan that shows exactly how your next marketing move can directly fuel your business goals.
– Redefine the way you think about every post, ad, and campaign.

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