THE MILL is a National leader in delivering effective regional growth, and promoting ‘best practice’ supports for entrepreneurs including mentoring, training, and a collaborative and nurturing environment.

Our mission is to be an effective catalyst for enterprise development in our area by providing a hub which fosters the accelerated creation and growth of healthy new enterprises.
We promote and support a spirit of entrepreneurship at every level in the local community through our various programmes and facilities.

Some of the clusters The Mill is actively involved in are Aviation & Traveltech, Female Entrepreneurship, Digital Technologies, and Fintech & Payments.

We partner with Amazon on free cloud credits for startups (up to $100,000) via their Activate programme! Eligible startups can avail of AWS credits, technical support and hands-on guidance on using the system. They run free training sessions regularly to help you get set up on the cloud.

THE MILL also enjoys the kind support of a number of volunteers that assist us. They include business mentors that meet with Millers, and volunteers that work with us on our programmes including Drogheda Young Innovators, TEDxDrogheda and Coder Dojo.