Building an international regional ecommerce payments cluster along the M1 economic corridor.

Unemployed to entrepreneurship and self- development. Sponsored by State Street.

Transition Year Competition (Business, Technology, Social Entrepreneurship) Sponsored by State Street, Coca Cola International Services, East Coast Bakehouse, Fitz Scientific.

Speaker series focusing on the entrepreneurial DNA of Drogheda region.

THE MILL Chairs and continues to project manage, in partnership with other volunteers.

Payments CoderDojo fortnighty meetings at THE MILL.

Female entrepreneurship delivered by DCU Ryan Academy, sponsored by AIB & Coca Cola International Services, Meath & Louth LEO’s.

An operational base for LEO Louth where they provide business training workshops including Start Your Own Business and the IBYE bootcamp.

Core Creative/Technology programme to us. Sponsored by Amphenol (Miller) and 2018 co-sponsorship by Louth LEO.

Ideally THE MILL will be used to deliver an EI programme or will devise a standalone programme to pitch to EI, as per their competitions.

Companies supplying IT & service to the Agri food sector.