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BIG WHEEL MARKETING is an independent marketing consultancy, specializing in branding, communications and digital marketing. OUR MISSION is to develop World-Class marketing strategies and measurable implementation plans for our clients, ensuring that their marketing function is operating at an extremely high level of efficiency and that marketing investments are achieving maximum return on investment. WE ARE EXPERTS in our field – Big Wheel’s experience and knowledge extends across all major traditional and digital marketing platforms and areas of expertise. We possess and employ the cutting-edge marketing skills that are used by today’s top brands globally. OUR SERVICES range from specific marketing briefs and projects, through to entire turnkey solutions for the complete marketing function. No project is too big or too small. WE ARE PASSIONATE about all areas of marketing and how it affects our everyday lives, and we are constantly on the lookout for new innovations and developments in the field to ensure we remain on top of our game. WE LOVE the balance between art & science, traditional & modern and creative & technical, which is crucial to achieving effective cut-through in today’s crowded media environment. WE ARE POSITIVE, FLEXIBLE AND INCLUSIVE in our approach to our work; we are easy to do business with and always strive to act as a seamless, additional arm of our clients’ organization. WE ARE BASED in the UAE and predominantly serve the Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets, however we also have significant experience in Europe and North America and are comfortably capable of servicing any of our clients on a global basis. WE WANT TO HELP to make your brand, your marketing strategy, your digital technology platform, your advertising, your communications, your customer loyalty and your overall marketing success the very best that it can be.

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