M1 Grow Remote & Shopify – monthly meetup

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  • December 1, 2020
  • Tuesday, 1PM to 2PM

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M1 Grow Remote & Shopify – monthly meetup

Tuesday, 1PM to 2PM
December 1, 2020


M1 Grow Remote & Shopify – monthly meetup

Tuesday, 1PM to 2PM
December 1, 2020


2020 has seen seismic shift in workplace patterns, and accelerated the growth in remote working opportunities. The Greater Drogheda region has one of the highest rates of commuting in Ireland which has a negative effect on community activity, physical and mental well-being.

Join us for an M1 Grow Remote Chapter meeting to discuss the new opportunities to progress a career from your home, to hear about the practicalities of remote working, and to network with fellow remote workers.

Grow remote was established to:

  • Help their community find employment – This is a blended approach of raising awareness of the companies hiring remotely, and helping people get trained up.
  • Help repopulate their community – When employment is mobile, rural communities can compete on the things that matter.
  • Help remote workers engage locally – Remote workers can be our “hidden employed” and suffer from isolation.

Shopify is the leading commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Shopify has grown from 5 people in a coffee shop to over 5,000 across the globe, with over 1,000,000 businesses powered by Shopify. Its CEO announced in May that Shopify’s 5000 employees will work entirely from home.


  • Intro by Breanndán Casey, M1 Grow Remote Chapter
  • John Evoy, CEO, Grow Remote Ireland:
  1. Overview of GR aims in coming years
  2. Support for remote workers & companies
  3. Sample Jobs list – opportunities for career via Remote Working
  • Julia Van Grieken Carolan, Merchant Success Manager, Shopify
  1. Realities of remote work – What I’ve learned
  2. Career progression
  • Remote opportunities in Commuter towns / Regions – discussion
  • Feedback from participants – How can we support them , opportunities, best format for networking community, etc