Drogheda Young Innovators 2021 Awards Ceremony

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  • Online
  • April 30, 2021
  • Friday, 1PM to 3PM

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Drogheda Young Innovators 2021 Awards Ceremony

Friday, 1PM to 3PM
April 30, 2021


Drogheda Young Innovators 2021 Awards Ceremony

Friday, 1PM to 3PM
April 30, 2021


This year we decided to change the format of the well-known DYI competition and focus on completing challenges across headings including mental and physical health, social interactions within each family, business, innovation, technology and self-development. The new 35-day video challenge format allows students to participate in the competition from home and gives them an opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a fun and friendly environment.

New Format

We will be sending each school a list of challenges which are presented in the form of a “to-do list” or a “challenge” (team or individual). All tasks will be separated into different sections such as Environment, Drogheda Community, Mental and Physical Health, etc. and each task will have a value of points attached to it, based on the time and effort required to fulfil it.

Who can apply

Applications are open to students attending the following schools:

  • Drogheda Grammar School
  • Our Lady’s College
  • Sacred Heart Secondary School
  • St. Joseph’s Secondary School
  • St. Mary’s Diocesan School
  • St. Oliver’s Community College
  • Ballymakenny College
  • Scoil Uí Mhuirí, Dunleer
  • Coláiste na hInse, Bettystown

Participation Process

Between 22 February and 29 March 2021, participants must tick off a selection (at least 15 of over 50 potential challenges) of completed challenges and film the process of each task completion on their phone/camera. A compilation of these videos will have to be assembled into a film. The end result, i.e. a film of approximately 5 minutes in length, will be uploaded onto a private YouTube page by each participant/team for remote judging.

Participants should state their name and school(s), and mention the specific challenge they’re completing, at the commencement of each video.

All participants should adhere to their school’s safety policy and to directives from the Department of Health and the Department of Education and Skills.

We will hold a Zoom session for entrants mid-way through the application process. This will be an opportunity to discuss any technical or other potential issues. We may also hold a training session (video and/or technology) and have a guest speaker.

Using the hashtag #DYI2021 when posting on 1) Facebook, 2) Twitter or 3) Instagram will give participants extra points. Our team will be tracking hashtag activity across the three platforms above.

Judging Process

Judges will use a shared cloud document to score each participant, based on scoring criteria below. Each judge gets a dedicated column alongside other judges’ personalised fields for scoring. Participant names and links to their videos will be presented on the left of the table. After scores are assigned in all columns (i.e., by all judges), a total can be calculated for each participant on the same document.

Bonus points will be awarded for social media shout-outs and dedicated hashtag usage (One point for each instance where one of the above is used. These will accumulate over the period of competition and will be tracked and noted by our team members).

Scoring Criteria

The maximum marks for each criteria are as follows:

  • Innovation/Evidence of new skills learned. New ideas developed from challenges, unexpected outcomes – 30%
  • Evidence of teamwork and effective delegation (all team members equally involved and have distinct tasks/roles to help project completion). Collaboration with family members, teachers, fellow classmates. Utilisation of external resources (e.g. collaboration, interviews over Zoom with local organisations, national or international influencers) – 20%
  • Number of Challenges completed – Degree of difficulty, challenges across categories (at least 3 tasks from each category completed) – 20%
  • Creativity – unique approach, video stands out among others. Film quality (good image and sound, appropriate length, level of editing, clarity of information, extra features, e.g. music/text/visual effects, etc.) – 15%
  • Local Impact – changes and influence on school / Greater Drogheda region – 15%

Competition Final

Submitted films will be analysed for the above criteria and evidence of ‘outside-the-box’ thinking. Ten individuals or teams with highest total scores will be picked as finalists.

Two teams and two individuals will receive additional cash prizes – team members will share the prize among themselves, based on the number of participants.

The total prize pool is €2000.

All ten finalists will receive a €100 cash prize.

There will be additional prizes for:

  • ‘Best Individual’ submission: €100
  • ‘Runner-up Individual’ submission: €50
  • ‘Best Team’ submission: €400
  • ‘Runner-Up Team’ submission: €250
  • 4 x €50 prizes across finalists & non-finalists (most innovative, funniest video, most entries from any school, most developed idea etc). Judges may determine additional prizes.

There will be one overall winner declared (either team or individual) – Additional €200.

An individual can win up to €400 (Finalist prize, Best Individual and Overall Winner).

A team can win up to €750 (Finalist prize, Best Team and Overall Winner).

Award Ceremony

Shortlisted teams and individuals will be invited to an online video award ceremony. (We might extend the invitation to all entrants, depending on technology limitations).

As the film length is set to an average of 5 minutes, 10 shortlisted participants will be invited to the ceremony. A 2-hour session (includes break) will allow for 50 minutes of videos, participant introductions, judges’ commentary and the actual winner announcement.

Each team or individual will present their film to videocall attendees via “screenshare”, introducing themselves to judges and participants from other schools and giving a brief overview of the finished project (challenges, things learned along the way, advantages of completing tasks etc.).

The judges will meet beforehand to score the 10 finalists but will have discretion to make final alterations to scoring, based on students’ presentations. The ceremony is predominantly held for entertainment and to allow judges to explain their choice of winners.

Benefits for Students

  • 30-day challenges are highly motivating for achieving goals
  • Teamwork, delegation and communications skills – mainly offline
  • Collaboration between students and teachers
  • Spending quality time with the family, good memories
  • Improved mental & physical health
  • Practice of thinking outside the box
  • Fun activities to do during lockdown
  • Film recording and editing techniques
  • Having their say in school upgrade/town development
  • Exploring a big variety of topics within one competition (environment, health, art, science, business, social enterprise etc.)


Challenges to be completed by students between 22 February and 29 March 2021.

An online 60-minute Zoom session will be held during the week commencing 15 March 2021. This may include a training session (on topics such as video editing or technology) and a guest speaker.

Final videos are to be uploaded by students by 16 April 2021.

Judging will take place during the week commencing 19 April 2021.

The final will take place on Friday 30 April 2021.

More info: http://www.droghedayounginnovators.com/