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Remote Working & Commuter Survey 2021

Drogheda Chamber of Commerce, Love Drogheda BIDS, and The Mill Enterprise Hub are collaborating on a new strategy to encourage more startups, multinationals and remote workers to base themselves in the wider Drogheda region. We believe that a large number of ex-commuters that are currently working from home will not return to working 5 days per week from a HQ in Dublin or elsewhere.

It’s critical that we support the 15,000 commuters who previously left the region every day, and harness the expertise in the area to build a self-sustainable regional economy that offers the right work/life balance.

This survey we published in April 2021 will help assist us in creating a new post-Covid Commuter Strategy, whilst promoting the skills and expertise within the region. 750 people responded this year, here are a few statistics from the report:


We have also created an M1/Drogheda/East Meath Grow Remote Chapter to support remote workers.

How Can We Help You?

Multinational Business

  • Find out about establishing a ‘second site’ or satellite office solution that suits your employees’ lifestyle, costs, and work/life balance .
  • Take a tour of Drogheda with local business organisations. Hear about the reality, and benefits of growing a business from Drogheda.
  • Property; We’ll introduce you to local property owners
  • Hear about local skills. We’ve 15,000 people leaving the town every day. Let us help you access that talent pool.


  • We can introduce you to local companies seeking employees (multinationals and startups).
  • Remote working career opportunities. See https://remotejobsireland.com/ .
  • Information and support on encouraging your employer to enable you to work remotely. Drogheda is ideally placed for new hybrid combination of Home, Hub and HQ office.

New Startup

  • Advice and Mentoring.
  • Introduction to other startups.
  • Access to subsidised hotdesk or office space.
  • Introduction and welcome to local business support organisations

Contact us about your specific Commuter or Business needs:

We’d be delighted to take you on business tour of Drogheda, introduce you to businesses, show you available property, talk about remote working, give you extra details on skills and lifestyle in Drogheda region

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Drogheda’s highly-skilled population

Drogheda’s highly-skilled population:

The Census 2016 figures confirmed that there are 15,000 highly-skilled commuters leaving Drogheda every day – that is a massive 42% of the entire available workforce.

We believe that Drogheda is uniquely placed to offer a complementary solution to Dublin’s business infrastructure. Our proximity (30 minutes to Dublin airport), lower housing and office costs, quality of life, and  most importantly, access to skilled employees will enable us to offer a very attractive option to start and grow a business here.  The Financial Times identified Drogheda as one of the Top 10 Micro European Cities in their 2018/2019 Report.


The recent Covid crisis has highlighted to many commuters the financial, mental, familial, and community benefits of ending a commute that can subsume up to 6 days per month, and ‘cost’ circa 30% of the average salary (if you were paid for travelling time).

From 1991 to 2016, the population of Drogheda and adjacent Laytown / Bettystown / Mornington region grew from 27,208 to 52,828 people, a 94% increase (CSO figures). The population within a 10km radius of Drogheda town centre is circa 80,000 people making it one of the largest populated zones in Ireland, conveniently located on the Dublin to Belfast M1 motorway.

The most recent 2016 census highlighted that Drogheda is the largest populated town in Ireland (40,956 people) AND the fastest growing town with a 6.2% growth rate.

We competed an analysis of the 2016 Census figures, and in addition, 828 commuters completed a survey in February and March 2020 that emphasised how local residents are tired of the daily commute to Dublin and would love to use their strong skills locally.

The Commuter survey result included:

  • 55% were dis-satisfied or very dis-satisfied with their current Commute
  • 75% are interested or very interested in working locally.
  • 50% would take a salary cut to work locally; up to 15% salary cut was the preferred option.
  • 48% of respondent were in middle or senior roles (24% Manager or Senior Professional, 24% Professional)
  • Strong response from commuter with highly-valued IT skills – 109 respondents had skills in ‘Data analytics’, with 107 employed in ‘mobile tech’, and 75 respondents with ‘cloud computing’ skills.
  • The majority were commuting to Dublin City Centre (35%) with another 20% commuting to North Dublin
  • 50% drove a car with no passengers to work
  • 65% departed for work before 7:30am
  • 50% took more than 60 minutes to commute
  • 35% spend more than €350 per month commuting
  • 6% said they were self-employed. 8 people employed more than 50 ftes.
  • 53% of respondents were unaware of local Enterprise hub
  • 64% said they could work remotely up to 2 days per week.

Commuter Census:

An external agency conducted an analysis of Commuter and Skills date within Drogheda region. The report analysed data from a 15 and 30 minute travel radius of Drogheda.

Summary of Results – 15 minute radius:

  • 14,992 commuters
  • 42% of all available working population are commuting outside of zone. We’re losing 4 out of every 10 workers.
  • 66% aged 20 to 44 which is a highly desirable cohort for employers
  • 60% have 3rd level education (above the national average).
  • 47% are managers
  • 33% commuting to city centre, 33% to Fingal
  • 38% commuting for longer than 60 minutes one way
  • 80% of commuters are using private transport to commute

Drogheda 2016 Census Analysis