An enjoyable and supportive workplace is crucial to developing an innovative and creative environment.

We’ve a large range of community and business activities to suit your needs! Our monthly coffee mornings and Brown Bag meetings will help you engage with fellow-Millers and new businesses!

Physical well-being is instrumental whilst developing your business – we provide discounted gym membership, yoga classes, and a friendly community when you need a break from startup travails.

Health + Wellbeing

Yoga sessions

A study done by University of Bristol researchers found that employees who exercised before or during work hours were better equipped to handle whatever challenges they had to face that day. It also found that their general mood improved on days they worked out and were less calm on days they did not.

Leading successful companies like Apple, Google, and Forbes have introduced Yoga into their corporate wellness programs and have reaped benefits like improved productivity and increased employee motivation.

We run 6 weekly yoga sessions for €50, or one session for €10 over lunchtime (1pm-2pm).


Gym membership discount

All Millers can avail of the €250 per annum gym membership deal

Seasonal Events

Communal Christmas Parties

Get to know your fellow Millers over an informal chat at our annual Xmas Party outings!

Summer Barbecues

There is nothing like a summer BBQ and enjoying the company of your colleagues outside of office environment, especially, if there is chance of sunshine, food and after-work drinks. This is a great opportunity to mingle and network with fellow Millers!

Regular Outings

Other regular events include:

  • Karting
  • Bellewstown Races
  • Pizza day
  • Golf outings
  • Footgolf and football

Social Events

Refresh Boyne Talks

Refresh Boyne is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of the New Media industry in the Boyne region.

Refresh Boyne hold events that promote design, technology, usability and standards and is part of and inspired by the Refreshing Cities movement.

The aim is to hold around 8-10 talks a year, depending on sepaker submissions and availability. Talks are usually around 40 minutes long with Q & A session at the end, but this can depend on the subject and the speaker. If you find the talk interesting and want to discuss it further, or want to socialise with other attendees, we aim to go for a pint or two afterwards.



Coffee Mornings

Monthly Business Book Club Meetings