It all comes down to selling….. whether you are a multinational, an SME or a Sole Trader, you will only be able to realise your business’s full potential when you develop a systematic way to generate business and close sales. This morning seminar will give you an insight to the tools and methodologies on how to create a systematic way of selling. Whether you are new to selling or have been selling for years, the insights covered in this seminar will dramatically add to your sales toolbox!

Seminar Outcomes

  • Understand the power of really knowing who your customers are
  • Learn the tools for Revenue Consolidation
  • Develop a system for Account Management of your customers while up selling
  • Turn your existing customers into your referral network
  • Develop a systematic method for Developing New Business
  • Understand and develop a sales process that grows your sales conversions

Details & Booking

Date: Thursday 23rd January 2014
Time: 9am – 1pm.
Location: The Mill Enterprise Hub, Drogheda
Cost: Euro 20 (payable in advance)

Damien O’Brien Profile

Damien O'Brien of SME MattersDamien O’Brien is a recognised business expert that specialises in developing the knowledge and skills of owner managers and giving them the tools to transform their business in terms of bottom line growth and business and personal satisfaction. Damien has a high energy motivational manner that drives owner managers to work on their business. His experience ranges across all sectors of the economy and he brings that experience to bear in the programs he teaches and in the one to one time spent with owner managers to maximise their businesses and personal potential.
Prior to setting up SME Matters, Damien spent 10 years in industry, holding senior Management roles at national and international level. He has managed quadruple growth figures in sales during his time as Sales Manager for an Irish Telecom Multinational and went on to grow their specialised consulting department thereafter. Damien has lectured in the National University of Maynooth, DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurs, Smurfit Graduate School of Business, Marketing Institute of Ireland regularly runs SME company clinics, high impact Seminars and full day training events nationwide.

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