Podcast Episode 1 – Learnosity & Carpe Omnia

Episode 1 – Learnosity and Carpe Omnia

“Understand your business model – cost per acquisition Vs lifetime value”.  Gavin Cooney, CEO and Co-Founder of Learnosity, a company that creates online education assessment and teaching software, talks to us on his top 5 business tips, and how Learnosity  has scaled from initial startup in 2007 to providing solutions to 40 million annual global users.   It is apt that Gavin is our first interviewee as he was a guest panelist at The Mill’s  official opening in May 2014. Gavin updates us on the critical importance of cashflow, and the need to truly identify your market and develop domain expertise that can offer real value to clients.

Gavin Cooney, CEO of Learnosity, shares his insights with New Enterprise Development students | DCU Business School

In our ‘Meet The Miller’ section, Colm speaks to  John and Michael McKeown, two brothers who created Carpe Omnia in 2018, and have grown their fashion company from select pieces to a whole lifestyle range with sales across the globe. Care Omnia  is the Latin for ‘Seize it all’ which the funders have taken to heart as they continue to create new products and develop International customers.

Set for success: Two Irish brothers have started a very trendy but affordable premium jeans company – TheLiberal.ie – Our News, Your Views