“Who moved my cheese?” – Review by Virtual Business book Club

This book should be nominated for the shortest book club pick ever – only 90 pages, and a rating of a whooping 8 out of 10 from the group! We all agreed that the amount of useful information per square centimetre of this book is astonishing, you almost have to stop and think after each page.

It is extremely easy to read, and we recommend underlining key points (some of us even wrote them out), so that you can go over them later, because the best thing about this book is that it applies to almost anything and anyone! It is as useful at the age of 12, as it is at the age of 33 and 50.

So here’s the book’s premise in a nutshell: four fictional characters are in a maze. They know where a stash of cheese is located, but two of them are surprised when one day it disappears. The message is basically to accept the change and follow the footsteps of the other two characters who just shrugged and rushed into the maze to search for new cheese. Apparently, they felt it coming, the cheese was starting to smell!

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Can you get the smell? Has your cheese gone bad? Listen, some parts of your life might desperately need change! Always monitor small changes to avoid being surprised.

  • As soon as you feel uncomfortable with something in your life – that’s a sign for you to move on! Keep smelling.
  • Don’t overanalyse and waste time thinking about it – move as soon as you can… in search of new cheese.
  • Realise that doing things the same way won’t get you new results. Making a decision to do something differently – will.
  • One other thing to keep you prepared for change – IT.WILL.HAPPEN., whether you want it or not, so why not just ALWAYS be ready for change?
  • Let go of the past and start adapting to the future. No more “that was nice”, or “can’t believe I won’t be able to do X and Y anymore”. Look ahead, no regrets!

Let Go of Your Past and Transition to Your Future! Part 1 - Bob Sawvelle

So how are we actually going to deal with change?

  • Think of what you’re going to get thanks to a change, not what you’re going to lose. Positive thinking is the key.
  • Just take the plunge and do it as if you’re not afraid. Control over situation will help you deal with change, movement in a new direction will make you excited and you’ll realise you’re at your happiest when you’re moving along!
  • Visualise success. What will it be like – to live in a different country? To wake up and go to a new job? To drive an expensive car? Whatever the change is, try living it in your head and focusing on the end result, rather than on the obstacles leading up to it.

Success is Relative. I would like to think that all humans… | by Mitch Massman | Live Your Life On Purpose | Medium

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