We’re partnering with Amazon Web Services to give you free cloud credits

We partner with Amazon on free cloud credits for startups (up to $100,000) via their Activate programme! Eligible startups can avail of AWS credits,  technical support and hands-on guidance on using the system. They run free  training sessions regularly to help you get set up on the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides startups with the low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business. AWS Activate is a free program specifically designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs that offers the resources needed to get started on AWS.

Startups associated with an AWS Activate Provider are able to apply for AWS Activate Portfolio using their Activate Provider’s organization ID. If you are a startup interested in applying for AWS Activate Portfolio and receive up to $100,000 in AWS Cloud credits, ask your investor if they participate in AWS Activate and apply today! If your investor is not currently an Activate Provider or if you are an investor interested in becoming an Activate Provider, apply here.