M1 Payments Coderdojo looking for local mentors

As part of the M1 Payments Corridor initiative, The Mill and partners has been working with local teenagers on a Digital Payments Dojo for the past year. It is a fun and exciting project relating to payments and payments technology that allows the group to develop their skills in Coding, Project management, and Digital communication (graphics, video & social media).

Impacts to date include:

– Development of Digital Payments Info website, https://bit.ly/DigitalPaymentsInfo

– Fortnightly meetings where teenagers work on projects

– Visit to MasterCard Centre of Excellence

– Presentation at Paypal on Blockchain as part of Louth LEO Enterprise week in March 2017

The next stage is to create and develop an App related to digital payments. However, we need additional support from mentors to realise this ambition. The Dojo-ers have the raw talent, but need some assistance from experienced app developers.

The Dojo-ers will make a short presentation outlining their achievements to date, and what they plan to achieve in coming year. Please register to attend, and find out more about becoming a mentor: https://bit.ly/2BPkrGT.

The second half of the session will include a facilitated workshop amongst Dojo-ers and attendees on how we want the Dojo to develop, and a look at some of the technical opportunities of developing a Payments App.

M1 Payments Corridor is a key part of the Government’s NorthEast Action Plan for Jobs which proposes the creation of a ‘digital payments hub’ along the M1 economic corridor with the potential to create hundreds of sustainable new jobs. It is an industry grouping of ePayments / Fintech companies, and allied stakeholders (IDA, EI, DCU, DKIT, Louth Economic Forum), promoted by The Mill, that serves the wider geographic M1 corridor in a Fintech vertical known as ePayments. Industry members of the M1 Steering Group include Vesta, PayPal, State Street, Aphix Software, Yapstone, and Coca-Cola International Services.

Date: Saturday, 10 February

Time: 11:00 – 14:00

Venue: The Mill Enterprise Hub, Greenhills, Drogheda