Drogheda’s teenagers ready to take on the world

On March 2nd, more than 70 students from Drogheda, Dunleer and Laytown, attended an Innovation Workshop organised by the Coca-Cola International Services team in Drogheda, as part of the Drogheda Young Innovators (DYI) Competition, managed by The Mill Enterprise Hub.

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The transition year students availed of an opportunity to work on their ideas for the competition, and to practice some divergent and convergent thinking as part of the brainstorming process. They also heard sixteen year old local student, Aizzah Adil, outline her visit to Washington DC for the recent US Presidential Inauguration ceremony, and her thoughts on attending the Global Young Leaders Conference.

According to Anna Keller, Business Systems Director, Coca-Cola International Services, “We hope that the workshop opened students’ eyes and minds to new ways of thinking, and will act as an idea generator for students as they complete their DYI application. “Innovation is crucial to the success of Coca-Cola, and after the workshop, all of the local Coca-Cola International Services team commented on the ingenuity, enthusiasm, and creativity of the students. Judging by the quality of material at the workshop, we’ve no doubt that the Drogheda region is producing future business and social leaders which we can be proud of”.


The guest speaker, Aizzah Adil, who is a student at Our Lady’s College, Greenhills, vividly outlined her thoughts on how the best leaders operate. According to Aizzah, “we were lucky to meet a number of international leaders from the world of Arts, Business, and Politics. The common thread amongst them is that they can bring other people onto their team, and are also open to listening to advice, when needed”. In a passionate speech, Aizzah spoke of her wish to ‘change the world’, and was adamant that all the students in attendance were capable of doing so.

“The Drogheda Young Innovators competition has allowed us an opportunity to develop the innovation mind-set amongst local transition year students ”, said Breanndán Casey, the BDM of The Mill Enterprise Centre, “This year the programme is being developed and supported by innovative local companies, such as State Street, Coca-Cola International Services, East Coast Bakehouse, and Fitz Scientific. It is great to see local companies showing their support to youth entrepreneurship projects in Drogheda, and fantastic that we can highlight innovation that is taking place every day in our community. The students now have a hunger to work on their projects and aim to attend the final at East Coast Bakehouse’s Innovation Centre on May 12th. The generous sponsorship of cash prizes for group and individuals has helped to see the number of applications in 2017 double to over 100, highlighting the number of innovative ideas in the region”.