Digital Strategies for Start-ups with Shane Breslin

Refresh-Boyne-Logo-300x196 (1)Shane Breslin is a digital consultant with over 15 years experience in online content, digital strategy, and marketing communications. As past-Deputy Editor and Editor of, he helped to build it into one of the largest lifestyle brands for Irish males, which currently has 3.1m unique users each month, 450,000 Facebook fans, and 220,000 Twitter followers. In the past few years, he has worked as a marketing and digital consultant for a range of clients, and also opened Blackbird Books, an independent bookshop in Navan in 2015.


refresh boyneFor years every business has known they needed to invest in a web presence and social media, but many of them do so without a defined strategy? SMEs have concentrated on the figures (how many likes etc), when the most important things to focus on are: am I reaching my audience / Is my audience doing what I want them to do when I do reach them?

The talk will briefly focus on a number of issues (outlined below) and will provide an opportunity for group debate and input from other attendees.

  • Traditional Media on Life Support?

“The ways businesses and Governments have reached their audience for more than 100 years has changed, completely and forever, in less than a decade…”

  • What Platform are your customers using? Finding out where your customer is and focusing your energy there 

“Orwell’s 1984 is a reality – Facebook/Google are the Big Brothers. And we can hone our messages to zone in on specifics, for example, the twenty-something male in Louth who’s interested in learning guitar.”  

  • How to reach your customer at the right time – Social media, Search, Email.

“We can find people who have a problem that our business can fix. In real time.”

  • Digital Journey: Making the experience as smooth as possible for your customer.  

Think of your website as a ski slope. When your potential customer that you’ve worked so hard to attract there lands anywhere on that slope, you want them to find their way easily to the bottom. On many websites, in contrast, the destination you want your user to reach is often at the top of the next mountain!

  • Relationships – Translating one-time customers into repeat business.

“Three old maxims are true: 1. Word of mouth is powerful. 2. People buy from people. 3. It’s much easier to get another sale from an existing customer than it is to find a new one. And when it comes to online, all of these are possibly even more relevant than ever before.”

Refresh Boyne is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of the New Media industry in the Boyne region. Refresh Boyne hold events that promote design, technology, usability and standards and is part of, and inspired, by the Refreshing Cities movement.

Date: Wednesday, 25th May 2016

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Admission: FREE

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You’re welcome to stay for pizza and a beer afterwards! Refreshments kindly sponsored by Amphenol TCS.