Focus for Productivity by Ciara Conlon

Refresh-Boyne-Logo-300x196 (1)On Wednesday, 20th April, the author of “Productivity for Dummies”, Ciara Conlon has visited The Mill to give a talk on Productivity.

She gave a few useful tips on how to get work done, how to increase productivity and reach your goals.

Ciara Conlon is “The Productivity Coach”, a consultant and speaker who specialises in the areas of personal productivity and leadership development. Ciara is the author of two books on productivity; “Chaos to Control”, a practical guide to getting things done and “Productivity for Dummies”. Coming from total chaos, Ciara has developed strategies to help her find time to work, write, rest and play, all before breakfast.


She has also shared her favourite apps for effective teamwork:



and task management:


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