‘Starting a podcast’ with Brian Connolly

On Monday, 21st March 2016, Brian Connolly, the producer of one of the leading podcast series in Ireland – An Irishman Abroad, gave an enjoyable talk as part of the Refresh Boyne series of events on how to start your own podcast.

He shared some tips on:

– Recording and editing a podcast

– Deciding on the length of a podcast

– Choosing the right voice-overs, music, recording environment and speech pace

– Getting the most out of listeners’ feedback

– Organizing a skype interview within a podcast,

and much more!


Having started out his career in the area of broadcast imaging (branding through sound) and writing radio jingles, Brian is now a final year PhD student with research interests in the application of psychoacoustic phenomena concerning the non-linearities of the inner ear within contemporary music composition. Since starting his PhD in 2012 at Maynooth University, Brian has composed the music for Keith Barry’s The Dark Side tour, was subsequently credited as writing the effects music for Barry’s TV3 show Brain Hacker as well as having written and presented the RTÉ lyric fm documentary Why Music Can’t Stay Still. Brian teaches Acoustics and Psychoacoustics at undergraduate and postgraduate level at Maynooth University and in the past 18 months alone his groundbreaking research into the ear as an instrument has been widely showcased at high profile events in Ireland, England, Scotland, United States of America, Canada and Mexico.