FoodTech Skillnets Seminar with Pat Cooney

FoodTech logoOn Tuesday, 30 June 2015, we held a meeting with several local food companies in order to highlight the importance of establishing an ‘Industry-led’ FoodTech Skillnets network, which will support the growth of SMEs in the Food and Agri sector throughout the North-East (North Dublin, Louth, Meath, Cavan, Monaghan).

The North-East region has a proud Food / Agricultural tradition, and has developed a strong cluster of Agri-Food, and we’re seeking to establish a network of companies that could benefit from subsidised training in areas such as Technology Applications / Supply Chain Management / Environmental etc (the specific training needs will be decided internally by member companies) in the Agri-Food manufacturing process.

We would like to thank Teresa Hanratty from Learning Waves and Noreen Fitzpatrick from Skillnets for coming over to The Mill and telling us more about how Skillnets work and how it could benefit the food companies in the North-East region.

Noreen Fitzpatrick Skillnets
(L-R) Teresa Hanratty and Noreen Fitzpatrick

Our guest speaker for the night was Pat Cooney, who talked about the building of the Gleeson group to over 700 employees and six factories.

Pat Cooney
(L-R) James Cooney and Pat Cooney

He is currently establishing a new brewery / distillery in Drogheda, which is going to become one of the biggest visitor centres in the Boyne Valley, with tours of facilities available to visitors and many more exciting features to come!

Pat Cooney
Some of the attendees at our FoodTech Skillnets Seminar: Patricia McAlernon, Kevin Tuck (Alltech), Malachy McCloskey (Boyne Valley Foods), John McGuiness (Ezy Technology), Bronagh Conlon (Board Member in The Mill), Alison Cowzer (East Coast Bakehouse), Geoff Fitzpatrick (Jack Cody’s), Caitriona Coyne, Anthony Gregory (Elite Food Solutions), Colin Guilfoyle (Nebula Interactive), James Cooney

Pat Cooney

Our evening concluded with a bit of networking and pizza.

Pat Cooney
(L-R) Marketing & Innovation Director of East Coast Bakehouse – Alison Cowzer, Food Consultant – Bronagh Conlon, and ex-director of Gleeson Group, known best for their Tipperary Water – Pat Cooney.