Lucey Fund – Specialists in Startup Funding – Visit The Mill

We’ve had a very informative talk from Ian Lucey today, Friday, 26 June 2015. Lucey Fund

The attendees got some tips on attracting investment for startups, approaching investors and doing their accounting right.

Lucey Fund


Ian has also highlighted the importance of the new SURE scheme, which every entrepreneur should look into. On Thursday 14th May 2015, the government announced a generous tax refund aimed at encouraging more people to start up businesses. The SURE ‘Start-Up Refunds for Entrepreneurs’allows entrepreneurs obtain a refund from the Government of up to 41% of the capital they invest in starting up a business. It operates as a refund of income tax paid by the person starting the business in the six years prior to the business being started. All income tax paid in those six years can be claimed as a refund under the scheme, subject to an overall limit of 41% of the total investment in the business.

Lucey Fund

About Lucey Fund:

Lucey invests in entrepreneurs who understand their industry, but who have not done technology before. Lucey funds the acceleration of these start-ups by funding the development of their first scalable, secure, fully-viable product, affording the founder time to do what they’re best at, business. Lucey takes the headache out of R&D.

They design and build scalable, secure online products for a range of different customers. Whether you’re a start-up building a new web product, or a blue chip company building the next big data tool for an entire industry, they’re able to build amazing tools, in the cloud, that fulfil your requirements.

Lucey Fund
(L-R) Breanndán Casey (Business Development Manager at The Mill), Ian Lucey (CEO of Lucey Fund)


Lucey Fund
(L-R) Breanndán Casey (Business Development Manager at The Mill), Colin Guilfoyle (CEO of Nebula Interactive) and Ian Lucey (CEO of Lucey Fund)