The Journey Begins

Ignyte avatarOn Monday the 29th of September the first edition of IgnYte began. Shane, Paul & Stephanie from Development Perspectives (DP) were early arrivals in the Mill to greet Mary, Meggan, Sophia & Lyndsey. Jamie & Christina would join the group later that week. Naturally all of the participants were nervous as they were unsure of what lay ahead. The same could be said of DP & myself. We need not have worried as Shane led the group through a series of ice–breakers. What struck me most about the group was their immediate openness & honesty. Questions were answered with a directness that was refreshing beyond belief.

Over the next 18 workshops (spread over 6 weeks) all 6 participants will be brought through a structured programme which will help them to identify their talents & passions, ideas for an enterprise & evaluation of their business ideas. A Mentor will be assigned after week 3. The person assigned will act as both a Buddy & a Business Mentor. A panel of volunteer Mentors has already been established .

I am very pleased with the experiential learning approach adopted by DP. It is delivered with sensitivity & good humour. Well done Shane, Paul & Stephanie!

Back Row: Sophia, Jamie, Sean, Christina

Front Row: Mary, Shane, Stephanie, Megan, Lyndsey