IgnYte (Innovative Gender Neutral Youth Targeted Entrepreneurship) Programme

IgnYte: Preparing our young, mainly un-employed citizens for a better life through self-employment, self-empowerment & self-reliance


The Mill is Drogheda’s new Enterprise Hub. Through its various programs & activities it aims to support Enterprise & Innovation at all levels in the South Louth, East Meath & Drogheda area. A Hub is like a wheel with many different spokes – IgnYte is one of these spokes. It represents one aspect of the Mill’s mission – to be of relevance to as many groups as possible within our Community. This includes those who are dis-advantaged through lack of education, training & opportunity.

Why IgnYte?

Recent CSO figures confirm that over 25% of our young people aged between 18 & 25 are unemployed. The figures for other EU countries are even worse e.g. Spain is at 52%.

In Ireland programs targeted at assisting the young unemployed tend to concentrate on providing them with back-to-work skills. This is laudable. However there is an absence of training supports for those unemployed young people who may be entrepreneurial. In fact it could be argued that overall public policy assumes that there is an absence of entrepreneurial flair amongst this large group. IgnYte intends to address this gap.

What is IgnYte?

IgnYte is a novel project aimed at enabling young unemployed citizens (aged 16-30) to acquire the skills, attributes & personal motivations necessary to become self–empowered, self-employed (even part-time) & self-reliant. 18 workshops, delivered over a 6 week period, will be at the core of the programme. These workshops will focus on helping each participant to develop a business idea based on their desires, interests, passions & networks. The workshops will be based on experiential learning – i.e. learning by doing. Each participant will also be assigned a dedicated Mentor for the duration of the 12 week program (mentoring will continue for 6 weeks after the workshop phase). ‘IgnYte’ is an introductory phase of a larger project. Those participants that show significant promise from their involvement in ‘IgnYte’ will be considered for a follow-on programme.

Selection for IgnYte Lite:

Working with other local youth-focused organisations, we will select a group of 8-12 individuals who each exhibit some of the attributes & traits evident in entrepreneurs. Prior qualifications are not required. Evidence of a willingness to learn & to actively participate is of more importance (See Application Form attached).

Ignyte logoWhen will it commence?

It is planned to run 3 editions of IgnYte. The first of these will commence in late September 2014.

To apply, please complete the IgnYte Application Form & return to:

Sean Mac Entee
Programme Manager
The Mill
Link Rd